'fear of bodies and the magnetized whirlpool of gas'

I am a predation species
    do not eat.
vein-frail recluse
    squalid and bobbing.
a man who was rich 
    and still living in poverty.

redundant doo-dads
    and symbiotic partnerships.
it cleans out its parasites
    by just adding one and one together -
used to be agonistic
    becoming symbiotic together.
chemical and biological weapons proliferations,
    biological things can happen to you and
disputed territories
    arise upon.

dont aim for perfection
    the problem is infectious disease.
we hear a lot these days
    "the only process that works / focuses intently on failure."

what went wrong
     in the town report?
the oil rig that went up in flames
    as a spotlight,
or a map.
    deaths due to improvised explosive devices
is on display in this tragic scenario
    based on plans and descriptions
a young specialist
     in hill-billy armor.
what are we doing,
     design a vehicle, after this altercation?
welcome to this theater
     without and idea of -
we're incredible
     we're in-credibly adaptable.
sailors didn't know exactly where they were,
    creative redundancy,
form a partnership,

the spotlight on myself
    the sticking point.
it covers itself in a protein cloak
    now i have a built-in
shark conservation
    shark-fin soup
such a richer sense
    risk-filled and unpredictable.