'always hexagons'

As they walked through the shimmering street, a nondescript man was plucked from the throng and sent whirling upwards.  He wore a demon-wise grin as he flailed and wailed upwards into the vast blue of the beyond, twirling into firmament.  Slowly the body rose past glimmering and fallacious facades; another willing sacrifice the perfectly wired and entirely intelligent environment demanded.  The crowd stooped in awed technicolor jealousy as he was drawn bodily into the feathery clouded tablature that was to be his final resting place.  A small collective sigh resounded along the perfected thoroughfare, causing a slight but palpable nausea in Tomlin’s abdomen.  Far away to the south, many bodies sat in brilliantly aligned conference rooms watching this small white dust spec ascend whiling into the happy blinding white of the world beyond.  The whiteness absolute they were all destined for.